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İngilis dilində mətnlər

İngilis dilində mətnlər

Ingilis dili öyrənərkən əsas ehtiyacımız olan bəzi şeylərdən biri də reading'dir. ingilis dilinde metnler ilə taniş ola bilərsiniz. Oxumaq bizim həm tələffüzümüzü, həm də söz ehtiyatımızı artırır. Bu mətnin sizə faydalı olacağına inanırıq.

Bugun ise Blog yazımızda ingilis dili metnler paylaşacıq. Mətnlər Beginner(A1), Elemantary(A2), Pre-intermediate(B1) və Intermediate(B2) səviyyəsi üzrə paylaşılacaq.

(A1)Beginner Mətnlər

My day

First, I wake up. Then, I get dressed. I walk to school. I do not ride a bike. I do not ride the bus. I like to go to school. It rains. I do not like rain. I eat lunch. I eat a sandwich and an apple. I play outside. I like to play. I read a book. I like to read books. I walk home. I do not like walking home. My mother cooks soup for dinner. The soup is hot. Then, I go to bed. I do not like to go to bed.

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Our Vacation

Every year we go to Florida. We like to go to the beach. My favorite beach is called Emerson Beach. It is very long, with soft sand and palm trees. It is very beautiful. I like to make sandcastles and watch the sailboats go by. Sometimes there are dolphins and whales in the water! Every morning we look for shells in the sand. I found fifteen big shells last year. I put them in a special place in my room. This year I want to learn to surf. It is hard to surf, but so much fun! My sister is a good surfer. She says that she can teach me. I hope I can do it!

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The House Mr. and Mrs.

Smith have one son and one daughter. The son's name is John. The daughter's name is Sarah. The Smiths live in a house. They have a living room. They watch TV in the living room. The father cooks food in the kitchen. They eat in the dining room. The house has two bedrooms. They sleep in the bedrooms. They keep their clothes in the closet. There is one bathroom. They brush their teeth in the bathroom. The house has a garden. John and Sarah play in the garden. They have a dog. John and Sarah like to play with the dog.

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(A2) Elementary Mətnlər

At school

Lucas goes to school every day of the week. He has many subjects to go to each school day: English, art, science, mathematics, gym, and history. His mother packs a big backpack full of books and lunch for Lucas. His first class is English, and he likes that teacher very much. His English teacher says that he is a good pupil, which Lucas knows means that she thinks he is a good student. His next class is art. He draws on paper with crayons and pencils and sometimes uses a ruler.

Lucas likes art. It is his favorite class. His third class is science. This class is very hard for Lucas to figure out, but he gets to work with his classmates a lot, which he likes to do. His friend, Kyle, works with Lucas in science class, and they have fun. Then Lucas gets his break for lunch. He sits with Kyle while he eats. The principal, or the headmaster as some call him, likes to walk around and talk to students during lunch to check that they are all behaving.

The next class is mathematics, which most of the students just call math. Kyle has trouble getting a good grade in mathematics, but the teacher is very nice and helpful. His fourth class is gym. It is just exercising. History is his last class of the day Lucas has a hard time staying awake. Many lessons are boring, and he is very tired after doing gym.

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The pet store

George is at the pet store, looking at what kind of pet he might want to get for his birthday. George asked if he could have a horse, but his parents said no because horses are too big.

First, he sees dogs and cats. Baby dogs are called puppies. Baby cats are called kittens. George likes them because they are easy to take care of and can play a lot, but they will get bigger. George wants a small pet.

Then George sees animals that have to live in a cage. He sees rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice. Mice are what you call more than one mouse. He likes these animals because they are small. Birds live in cages too.

George sees a parrot and a canary. He likes them all, but he doesn’t want to clean the cage. George sees the animals in tanks. The tanks full of water have fish and turtles in them. He thinks about a goldfish but decides he likes the turtles more. There are also tanks with rocks and sand that have snakes, spiders, and scorpions, but George is afraid of them. George likes the turtles best, but they won’t fit in the little fishbowls. Turtles need bigger tanks, so they can swim sometimes and hide sometimes.

George decides he wants to get a turtle for his birthday. He buys a book on how to take care of a turtle and a list of what types of turtles the store has.

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Dinner preparation

Montie's mother was coming to dinner, so he decided to get out the beautiful dishes she gave him. He looked forward to impressing his mother. He remembered how great he felt when she gave him the dishes. First, he got out his best silverware, cups and plates.

He carefully placed the plates on the table. Then, he laid a cloth napkin next to each plate. On the left side of the plate, he placed a knife making sure that its blade was facing toward the plate. On the right side, Montie placed the fork and spoon. After filling the glasses with ice, he put water in each glass. He placed white flowers in a vase in the middle of the table. They had a beautiful aroma.

As Montie stood back to admire his work, the doorbell rang. Montie had finished just in time because his mother had arrived.

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(B1) Pre-intermediate Mətnlər

The Golden Gate Bridge

Some of the most important landmarks in the United States include feats of architecture and modern engineering. San Francisco, California, is a beautiful city on its own, but it is also home to The Golden Gate Bridge, a 1.7 mile suspension bridge connecting the San Francisco Peninsula to the Marin Headlands. The bridge holds the title of one of the Wonders of the Modern World according to the American Society of Civil Engineers.

One of the most popular ways to appreciate the bridge is to take an excursion to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area just outside of San Francisco. The park contains hiking trails, great spots for picnicking, and offers some of the best vantage points for panoramic photographs of the bridge leading into the city.

David recently had some friends visit him in San Francisco, and he made sure to include a visit to the recreation area as part of their tour. They enjoyed walking through the trails, observing some of the native wildlife, and even having a casual picnic in the park. David’s friends were thankful that he guided them through this impressive area of California. They made sure to take a group photograph with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. David’s friends had the picture framed, and they later presented it to David in order to thank him for his hospitality during their stay.

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The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, arguably one of New York City’s most iconic symbols, is a popular tourist attraction for first-time visitors to the city. This 150-foot monument was gifted to the United States from France in order to celebrate 100 years of America’s independence. The statue is located on Liberty Island, and it is accessible by taking a ferry from either Battery Park in New York City or Liberty State Park in Jersey City.

When Claire visited the Statue of Liberty for the first time, she instantly admired it as a symbol of freedom. Claire made sure to make reservations before her visit because only 240 people are permitted to climb the staircase to the top of the statue every day. After climbing almost 400 stairs, Claire received spectacular views of the city from the statue’s crown.

During her visit, Claire learned that the Statue of Liberty was not always the color that it is now. She found out that because the statue’s exterior is made of copper, the statue oxidized over time, giving it the greenish appearance it has in present day. When it was first constructed, the statue was the same color as a shiny penny!

After touring the Statue of Liberty, Claire spent the rest of the day in New York City visiting other important monuments and historic landmarks. Claire left New York hoping to have had the time to explore more sites, but she can’t wait to return to the city in the future.

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A Christian holiday signifying the birth of Jesus, Christmas is widely celebrated and enjoyed across the United States and the world. The holiday always falls on 25 December (regardless of the day of the week), and is typically accompanied by decorations, presents, and special meals.

Specifically, the legend behind Christmas (and the one that most children are told) is that Santa Claus, a bearded, hefty, jolly, and red-jacket-wearing old man who lives in the North Pole, spends the year crafting presents with his elves, or small, festive, excited Santa-assistants. All the children who behave throughout the year are admitted to the Good List, and will presumably receive their desired gifts on Christmas, while those who don't behave are placed on the Naughty List, and will presumably (although the matter is determined by parents) receive a lump of coal.

Santa Claus is said to fly around the Christmas sky in a sled powered by his magical reindeer, or cold-resistant, mythically powered, individually named animals, delivering presents to each child's house in the process. Santa is also expected to slide through chimneys to deliver these presents (homes not equipped with chimneys might "leave the front door cracked open"), and children sometimes arrange cookies or other treats on a plate for him to enjoy.

Gifts are placed underneath a Christmas tree, or a pine tree that's decorated with ornaments and/or lights and is symbolic of the holiday. Additionally, smaller gifts may be placed inside a stocking, or a sock-shaped, holiday-specific piece of fabric that's generally hung on the mantle of a fireplace (homes without fireplaces might use the wall). A Christmas tree's ornaments, or hanging, typically spherical decorations, in addition to the mentioned lights, may be accompanied by a star, or a representation of the Star of Jerusalem that the Three Apostles followed while bringing Baby Jesus gifts and honoring him, in the Bible.

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(B2) Intermediate Mətnlər

The Science of Roller Coasters

Why do people find amusement park rides so much fun? The roller coasters, free-all and pendulum rides are exhilarating, if not terrifying. Think for a moment about how the motion of a ride heightens our senses. The roller coaster creeps to the top of a hill slowly. Anticipation builds. As it crests the hill, the car seems suspended for a moment before it hunders down and the car and rider falling fast. It feels like we might fly out of the car if not for the safety restraints. The boat ride that swings like a pendulum looks harmless,but as it swings higher and higher in its arc, the rider comes off his or her seat. We pause suspended in mid-air just long enough make our stomach flutter. 

Believe it or not, science explains the thrills we experience on the roller coaster and other funfair rides. An amusement park is a great place to study motions and forces, and something different, called microgravity. Amusement park rides provide brief glimpses of what astronauts experience in the microgravity of orbit- a sense of weightlessness. The gravitational pull in an amusement park does not change from place to place, but you will experience a sensation of feeling heavier, lighter, even weightless, on some rides. 

Amusement park rides are exciting because of a common element that they all share. What do merry-go-rounds, ferris wheels, flume rides, and bumper cars have in common? All these rides have motion. What would a roller coaster be without motion? It is the motion of a ride that can move as in sucha way that wefeel heavy, as if gravity became stronger. The motion can also let us fall for a second or more, making us feel light or weightless. Motions can change the effect that gravity has on our bodies enough to create a microgravity environment.


Jean and her family recently traveled to Boston, Massachusetts, one of America’s oldest colonial cities. Boston is rich in history and local personality. During their visit, Jean and her family appreciated learning about Boston’s role during the American Revolution.

In the city, Jean and her family followed the famous Freedom Trail. This is a 2.5-mile route that tourists can explore in order to visit 16 different historical landmarks located throughout the city. Famous sites on this trail include the Paul Revere House, King’s Chapel, and the Bunker Hill Memorial. Jean and her family received a map to navigate the Freedom Trail. The roads were clearly marked by red lines, and there were signs throughout the city to keep Jean’s family and other tourists from getting lost.

As part of the Freedom Trail, Jean and her family spent a lot of time in Boston’s North End. This is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in the entire country. Here, Jean and her family were able to visit Boston Harbor, which is the site of the historical Boston Tea Party. This event sent a strong message to the British leading up to the American Revolution.

The end of the Freedom Trail led Jean and her Family to the Boston Common, the oldest urban park in the nation. The park is filled with plenty of lush greenery, but it also serves as a burial ground for heroes of the American Revolution.

Because of their walk along the historical Freedom Trail, Jean and her family left Boston with a thorough understanding of early American history.

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