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Reading for intermediate level

Reading for intermediate level

Ingilis dili öyrənərkən əsas ehtiyacımız olan bəzi şeylərdən biri də reading'dir. Oxumaq bizim həm tələffüzümüzü, həm də söz ehtiyatımızı artırır. Bu mətnin sizə faydalı olacağına inanırıq.

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The Science of Roller Coasters

Why do people find amusement park rides so much fun? The roller coasters, free-all and pendulum rides are exhilarating, if not terrifying. Think for a moment about how the motion of a ride heightens our senses. The roller coaster creeps to the top of a hill slowly. Anticipation builds. As it crests the hill, the car seems suspended for a moment before it hunders down and the car and rider falling fast. It feels like we might fly out of the car if not for the safety restraints. The boat ride that swings like a pendulum looks harmless,but as it swings higher and higher in its arc, the rider comes off his or her seat. We pause suspended in mid-air just long enough make our stomach flutter. 

Believe it or not, science explains the thrills we experience on the roller coaster and other funfair rides. An amusement park is a great place to study motions and forces, and something different, called microgravity. Amusement park rides provide brief glimpses of what astronauts experience in the microgravity of orbit- a sense of weightlessness. The gravitational pull in an amusement park does not change from place to place, but you will experience a sensation of feeling heavier, lighter, even weightless, on some rides. 

Amusement park rides are exciting because of a common element that they all share. What do merry-go-rounds, ferris wheels, flume rides, and bumper cars have in common? All these rides have motion. What would a roller coaster be without motion? It is the motion of a ride that can move as in sucha way that wefeel heavy, as if gravity became stronger. The motion can also let us fall for a second or more, making us feel light or weightless. Motions can change the effect that gravity has on our bodies enough to create a microgravity environment.